When your hamstrings feel tight and short?

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Some of us are enduring the discomfort of our hamstrings feeling too short or tight most of the time. Perhaps you are experiencing it today. Naturally, our instinct is to do stretches to resolve the issue. But what if strengthening — not stretching — your hamstrings is the most effective path?

Swayback posture over-lengthens your hamstrings. You may have this posture without even being aware of it, as you don’t need to have a visibly excessive arch in your lower back for your pelvis to tip forward, which, primarily, is what defines swayback posture. The muscles that keep our pelvis in neutral alignment tend to get deactivated (abdominals, glutes, hamstrings, lower trapezius); meanwhile, those that take us out of alignment tend to get over-used (quads, low back paraspinal muscles, hip flexors).

Do you notice when you stretch out your hamstrings, it has little effect, or the relief does not last very long? You can permanently resolve the feeling of hamstrings being tight all the time by intelligently strengthening them. Stretching your hamstrings may prove temporarily helpful, but it can equally be harmful.


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May 1, 2021 5:52 pm / Category: Holistic Physical Therapy