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You have come to see us for a problematic bunion. Imagine your surprise when I tell you I want to know more about your previous shoulder dislocation! I care about that injury — because it can be related to your foot issue. 

If your shoulder is loose from a partial or complete dislocation, your chest (pec) muscles will get tight trying to keep the ball stable in the socket. A consequence of this condition is poor rib movement. Your ribs need to rotate when you are walking or running. If your ribs are incapable of that movement, a compensation pattern develops, and something else (somewhere else) offsets the torque.  

Your big toe is a crucial shifting mechanism as your weight is transferred from side to side. Your big toe can become the victim of a lack of three-dimensional movement up the chain. A lot of people never think to associate the problematic bunion with your old shoulder dislocation! We reverse-engineer your symptoms to locate the root cause of your pain, discomfort, or injury and treat the cause. 

Our head-to-toe assessment allows us to observe how all the systems of your body are interacting. Our goal is to make you pain-free and powerful again! Call us to learn more or schedule an appointment!
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Kelly Martin, Physical TherapistWant to go further? If your goal is to be pain-free and powerful again, we are here to help you get rid of the compensation patterns that are holding you back. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment! 541-500-1779. ConnectedPhysicalTherapy.com

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