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With our approach to holistic pain relief at Connected Physical Therapy, we literally treat you from head to toe because PAIN LIES! When I broke my back, my pain was a full 6 inches above my injury site…I thought it was a kidney stone. If you have a yard full of weeds, you can weed whack them and be happy for a week or two. What we do is the hard work of digging out the roots so the weeds won’t grow back.

About Us
Physical Therapy Exercises

Did You Know...

  • How you breathe affects your back pain?
  • How you walk affects your neck pain?
  • How you sit affects your shoulder pain?

We will help you learn how to breathe, walk and sit on the video page.

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Holistic Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Exercises: What to Expect

Your physical therapy starts with Kelly doing an assessment, then she and Rich will recheck your measurements of skeletal alignment and muscle recruitment at every visit.

At each appointment, we take a integrative approach to achieve pain relief.

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Welcome to Connected Physical Therapy

We provide solutions to your pain by treating the source of the issue and not just the symptoms. Our integrative physical therapy embraces the big picture. Everything is connected.


We are different. We have extensive knowledge of the interdependent nature of our bodies and how our asymmetrical systems achieve symmetry. We re-connect you with the correct patterns to get (and keep!) you pain-free and powerful.


We treat you from head to toe

Experience our highly advanced approach to physical medicine!

  • We do not approach your pain as other clinics do.
  • Our foundation is the knowledge that our bodies balance themselves by integrating system imbalances.
  • When dominant overuse occurs, patterns of system disuse or weakness result.

From sports care physical therapy to the treatment of chronic pain, we thoroughly assess your unique situation. Then, we devise the ideal plan and work with you.


We not only treat you; we empower you

Pain is complex. It can stem not only from the original cause but also from the subconscious ways we adjust to tolerate it — otherwise known as compensation patterns.

We help you recalibrate your patterns using postural and breathing techniques, so not only your body but your mind can be at ease.


Recover from sports injuries quickly

Sports care physical therapy is vital.

  • A simple sprain can quickly develop into something more severe.
  • Physical therapy for knee pain is frequent because of excessive use during sports.
  • Tennis elbow physical therapy assists with the consequences of repetitive movements.
  • Injuries in the ligaments and joints can cause extensive damage if left unaddressed.
  • We target the cause of your pain to encourage full recovery and prevent future injury.


“The hip bone’s connected to the…”.

Our head-to-toe assessment allows us to note your posture, myofascial restrictions, and how all the systems of your body are interacting. We always look for correlated issues that hamper rehabilitation. This process is eye-opening!

  • We may trace your neck pain back to an old ankle sprain.
  • You may need to use your left shoulder blade in such a way to help your right hamstring.
  • Your restricted range of motion due to back pain could also be the cause of your weak knee.

Our goal is to make you pain-free and powerful again!

We enjoyed our time with Senior PRI instructor, James Anderson, who is mentoring us in Advanced Integration training. He treats pro athletes including 6 of the top 50 international golfers. We’re getting better and faster results and have taken our understanding of dental and foot/ankle issues (and everything between) to the next level. We love learning and improving!

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We’re different: we help you to get rid of the compensation patterns that keep you from being pain-free and powerful!

Our Team

Kelly Martin, Physical Therapist

Kelly Martin, PT

Kelly has worked in orthopedic PT practice for 29 years and specializes in complex people especially those with hypermobility and chronic pain. She has advanced training in all types of postural issues especially scoliosis. She loves figuring out how to get people back to an active/exercise lifestyle.

Rich Hornish, PT Assistant

Rich has worked in the PT field for 10 years and massage therapy for 12 years before becoming a PT Assistant with his wife. Rich specializes in total joint replacement rehab and TMJ/dental occlusion issues and loves figuring out the source of dizziness and vertigo.

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