Your Treatment Starts with Kelly doing an Assessment then she and Rich recheck your measurements of skeletal alignment and muscle recruitment on every visit.

  • One on one, hour long visits, usually one time per week
  • You always get a vote in your care.
    • Do you have too many exercises?
    • Does the pressure during massage feel beneficial?
    • Do you have the knowledge and the tools to continue on your own?
    • Treatment includes soft tissue work, exercise prescription, education and perhaps modalities (ultrasound can be used for deep heating or deep percussive massage).
  • You will have “homework” that will change almost every visit as you progress.
  • Everything will be written down for clarity. Generally your home program consists of 3-5 exercises that should not take more than 5-8 minutes twice per day.
This new patient paperwork is HIPAA compliant.


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