Kelly Martin, Physical Therapist

Kelly Martin


When I was 15 I knew what I wanted to do: be a coach, a scientist, a teacher and a nurturer.

I feel extremely fortunate that I get to fulfill each of those roles through my career. I got my Bachelor’s in Biology in my hometown of Colorado Springs and my Master’s in Physical Therapy at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver in 1992. 

Because I am loose jointed and very active, I’ve torn multiple ligaments, cartilages and broken many bones, having my first Orthopedic consultation at age 10. My passion for our practice stems from being pain-free most of the time despite a serious back injury (11 mm spondylolithesis from doing Yoga and yard work in 2010) and an arthritic hip and knee (cycling is my medicine!).

Rich Hornish

PT Assistant

I have always loved running and ran at UCLA while getting my Aeronautical Engineering degree.

After 12 years as a Engineer, I changed careers becoming a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and Coach for a local running club in Colorado Springs.

I became a Physical Therapist Assistant to pursue my real passion: helping people in pain.  Applying the concepts of Postural Restoration (PRI), all the pieces of my 30 years of training came together: how we move, how we get out of alignment and how to regain healthy movement patterns.

Rich and Kelly met when he was her Massage Therapist, helping her recover from a serious ankle injury. They married in 2005, moved to Oregon in 2006 and started their practice in 2015. They value their teamwork: she’s good at the big picture and he’s good at the details, he’s really skilled in the neck and pelvis and her strengths are in the ribcage and spine. Their shared passion for pursuing the PT specialty called  PRI means you get complimentary and harmonious care from both of them.

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