Your physical therapy starts with Kelly doing an assessment, then she and Rich will recheck your measurements of skeletal alignment and muscle recruitment at every visit. Our treatment will include integrative physical therapy exercises devoted to alleviating pain. Here is what you can expect from our team on your journey to being pain free:

  • One-on-one, hour-long visits, usually one time per week.
  • You always get a vote in your care.
    • Do you understand the reasoning behind what we’re doing?
    • Treatment includes soft tissue work, exercise prescription, education and perhaps modalities (ultrasound can be used for deep heating or deep percussive massage).
  • You will have “homework” that will change almost every visit as you progress.
  • Everything will be written down for clarity. Generally, your home program will consist of 1-3 exercises that should not take more than 5-8 minutes twice per day.
This new patient paperwork is HIPAA compliant.


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We’re different: we help you to get rid of the compensation patterns that keep you from being pain-free and powerful!