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Postural restoration is a clinically proven and scientifically based revolutionary method of healing. Originating as a study of human biomechanics, this holistic and integrative approach provides tools to evaluate underlying causes of pain and dysfunction, and offers significant relief from chronic and acute conditions.

One of the leading scholars of Postural Restoration is James Anderson, Senior PRI instructor. He provides his cutting edge course instruction and consultation to physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers nationwide

We at Connected Physical Therapy have had the valuable opportunity to undergo intensive, one-on-one training with James Anderson for over six months now – both at his facility in Utah and within our clinic. He has consulted on a dozen of our most challenging cases with stellar results. Recently, James Anderson has worked with 3 of the top 30 international golfers, addressing their compensatory rotational patterns, including a top-3 finisher of this years’ British Open. Overall, we are so grateful to have access to the same methods as the pros, RIGHT here in Southern Oregon!

At Connected Physical Therapy, we apply the valuable tools, resources, and information we have gained while studying with James Anderson to help members of our community live pain-free and return to the activities they love. One of the most amazing things they have learned is that we — as everyday people — develop the same patterns that elite athletes do, especially with chronic and complex pain situations.

If you would like to read about some of James Anderson’s history, interest, and work in the science of Postural Restoration, have a look at this interview HERE.

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